8th-Grade Recommendations

Recommended Reads for 8th Grade



  Airborne Skybreaker   Kenneth Oppel
  Angel on the Square   Gloria Whelan
  Basilisk   N. M. Brown
  Book of Ember series:
          The City of Ember
          The People of Sparks
          The Prophet of Yonwood
          The Diamond of Darkhold
  Jeanne DuPrau
  Bronx Masquerade   Nikki Grimes
  Castaways of the Flying Dutchman   Brian Jacques
  Children of the River   Linda Crew
  Christy   Catherine Marshall
  Coraline   Neil Gaiman
  Deathwatch   Robb White
  Define "Normal"   Julie Anne Peters
  Deptford Mice trilogy:
          The Dark Portal
          The Crystal Prison
          The Final Reckoning
  Robin Jarvis
  Don't Look Behind You   Lois Duncan
  Downsiders   Neal Shusterman
  Dreadlocks   Neal Shusterman
  The Face on the Milk Carton   Caroline Cooney
  Forged by Fire   Sharon Draper
  Full Tilt   Neal Shusterman
  The Girls   Amy Goldman Coss
  Holding Up the Earth   Dianne Gray
  Johnny Tremain   Esther Forbes
  Leroy and the Old Man   W. E. Butterworth
  Logan Family Saga
          Song of the Trees
          Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
          Let the Circle by Unbroken
          The Friendship
          The Road to Memphis
          Mississippi Bridge
          The Well
          The Land
  Mildred D. Taylor
  The Other Side of Dark   Joan Lowry Nixon
  The Outsiders   S. E. Hinton
  Petey   Ben Mikaelsen
  Romiette and Julio   Sharon Draper
  The Skin I'm In   Sharon Flake
  Sweet Miss Honeywell's Revenge:
          a Ghost Story
  Kathryn Reiss
  Taffy of Torpedo Junction   Nell Wise Wechter
  Tangerine   Edward Bloor
  Tarzan of the Apes   Edgar Rice Burroughs
  Tamora Pierce
  The True Confessions of
          Charlotte Doyle
  Truesight series:
          The Seer
  David Stahler Jr.
  Turnabout   Margaret Haddix
  Under A War-Torn Sky   Laura Elliott
  Walk Two Moons   Sharon Creech
  The Watson's Go to Birmingham, 1963    Christopher Paul Curtis
  The Weirdo   Theodore Taylor
  What Child is This:  A Christmas Story   Caroline Cooney
  The Wreckers   Ian Lawrence