General Resources

General Research Links

Destiny - The library card catalog.

Library of Congress - Primary source resources including digitized prints, photos, films and documents.

NC WiseOwl - This website has, as its centerpiece, several subscription databases.  
See library staff for home login information.

InfoTrac, a periodical database, is made up of a Kids Edition for elementary students, a Junior Edition for middle school students, and InfoTrac Gold Reference Edition for high school students and parents. 

The Junior Reference Edition and Kids InfoBits offer access to reference materials with a simplified format for greater ease of use.  Also included in the database collection is the Scribner Writers Series, with information on more than 1600 authors. 

Grolier Online offers two encyclopedias:  The New Book of Knowledge for elementary and middle school students, and Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia for middle and high school students. 

Additional reference resources include: 
     Lands & People
     Popular Science,
     America the Beautiful
     Amazing Animals of the World
     a collection of searchable eBooks in the Virtual Reference Center.

North Carolina Encyclopedia - Designed to provide an overview on counties and communities, education, geography, history, people, state government, and the state symbols of North Carolina.