Lane, Beth - Language Arts, Outer Banks (8th)


Here you will find basic information about our Language Arts Classroom.  

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Supplies needed for ELA for 2021-2022:

2 Sewn edge marbled composition book
colored pencils
Some days you may need your earbuds

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ELA pacing at a Glance

8th Grade ELA Snapshot (subject to change)

1st 9 weeks

2nd weeks

Elements of literary texts

Literary text structure

Characterization and conflict

Theme in narrative text

Reading Portraits as biographies

Informational text structure, features and analysis

Writing task: Personal narrative/memoir

First semester Novel: Touching Spirit Bear

Author’s craft:

Analyzing tone and mood

Examining dialog effects

Author’s purpose

Use of Irony  

Writing task: Literary analysis

3rd 9 weeks

4th 9 weeks

Analyzing poetry boot camp


Heritage and cultural influence on narrative text and informational text

Personal essay/memoir as informational text

Writing task: informational/research

2nd semester Novel: The Outsiders

persuasive speeches and text

Reading and analyzing argumentative text

Rhetorical devices

Poetry analysis-author’s voice and purpose 


Writing Task: argument