Saye, James - PE

jump rope students

Welcome to my class, I look forward to a great year.  Please click HERE for a welcome back message! I am entering my 26th year of teaching at Enka Middle. I attended Mars Hill College and I am an avid Tarheel fan. I enjoy all sports and being outside.

I feel being healthy is a key to a successful life so I encourage everyone to participate in my class. We will do fitness as well as team and life time sports.

During remote learning I will be using Google classroom . Please check daily for assignments . They will be posted by 8am every morning, please check then and again in the afternoon.  Assignments will change weekly from health to fitness and then to lifetime / team sports . We will use Everfi for health assignments. I will post each Everfi code on google classroom  This will occur remotely and when we return to school.

Grades in health will be based on your actual scores, participation in discussion and group activities.

Grades in the gym will be based more on participation. Please have appropriate shoes so you can participate .

You may earn 20 points per day with a total of 100 for the week . Participation is 12 points , appropriate shoes so you can participate is 4 points and correct use of equipment and attitude is 4 points for a total 20 points per day.

  My planning is 945 - 1045. Feel free to call during this time.