Teacher Bio


Welcome to Mrs. Case's Social Studies Class

Planning Period: 12:16-1:46                                                                          Mrs. Case


   My name is Stephanie Case and I am so excited to have you as a part of my social studies' class this year!  I am a Candler native.  I received my Bachelor's degree in History and grades 6-12 teaching license from UNC-Asheville.  

  This year is about further exploring and wrapping up your world history journey.  In this class we will study world history from 1400 to present.  We will begin by exploring geography,culture, economics, government and then dive into the Renaissance.  The other units we will be covering are the Reformation, Exploration, the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, Imperialism, the World Wars, the Cold War, and Globalization. 

   My goal as your social studies teacher is to help you gain a greater appreciation for history.  I want to make it fun, while also teaching you about the triumphs and tragedies of history that have shaped our world into what it is today.  History is not just learning about a bunch of dead guys and memorizing dates.  It is the study of actual human beings and my hope is that you will, at times, try to place yourself in the peoples' shoes that we are learning about and think about what life was like for them. 

   The study of history does help us in understanding why the world is the way it is, but it also helps us to honor the great people who have lived and died trying to make our world a better place.  It also helps us to connect to and understand the lives of people from all around our world today.