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Apps for Special Needs

Read Theory

Read Theory is an excellent program that will allow your student to flourish on their own reading level. Ask your students to show you their weekly progress on the site.

If your student has access to an I-pad or a tablet or even a  smart phone, your student can benefit from these great apps! 

Parents, here is a link of skills we are working on in class!

See what skills your student should have by grade level and what you can help them work on.  Great set of links as well.

National Geographic for Kids

We all know and love the amazing photos in National Geographic magazine, and now they have a site just for kids.  Learn about science, social studis and geography while having lots of fun.

Starfall Reading

A great site to work on fundamental reading skills.  Lots of fun games.

School House Rock!

Here is a link to School House Rock's "A Noun is a Person, Place or Thing."  I grew up singing to School House Rock and it is still a great tool to learn about all of the parts of speech we are studying in class.

Spelling City

You can study your spelling words for the week here.  Try out some of the fun games available.  I will keep your spelling list updated and don't forget to study the words you have already learned so you don't forget them.