Remote Learning Tools

Helpful Hints for Parents and Students:

REMOTE LEARNING HANDBOOK:  For All Things Virtual (expectations, schedules, parent survey and more) Please click the following link:

UNIT PACKETS: For each unit there will be a packet to be picked up at the office so that students can have tactile work at home in addition to online assignments.  This is especially needed for geography and map work, as well as other assignments that do not lend themselves to a digital format.  Please keep these organized in a three-ringed binder and readily available during daily zoom meetings.  The packet contents ARE NOT TO BE COMPLETED ALL AT ONCE, rather as needed to enhance the lesson or activity assigned that day.

MINDSET:  Patience is going to be very important for all of us - students, parents and teachers.  Please remember to be tolerant of yourself, your student and their teacher and expect glitches to occur occasionally.  It may be a bumpy start, but we will work through any trouble areas together.