Course Curriculum/Syllabus

Course Description North Carolina State Standards - 7th Grade Social Studies:
Class Syllabus: Huber 2020-2021 Syllabus (7th SS).pdf
The seventh grade social studies curriculum is designed to help students to master the North Carolina State Standards that focus on world history from 1400 to the present. Students will study major turning points that helped shape the world we live in today.  Topics include the Renaissance, the Age of Exploration, the age of political and economic revolution and imperialism in the 19th century, and world conflicts in the 20th century. Map and globe application skills, applied reading comprehension skills, reference skills, critical thinking skills, and current events are also emphasized.  

Semester 1

SS 101

Renaissance and Reformation

Age of Exploration

Enlightenment and Revolution

Semester 2 

Age of Imperialism

Interwar Years & WWII

Cold War