Virtual Days

Virtual Days
What are virtual days?  Virtual days are school days when students complete their school work at home from a device.  During virtual days students and teachers will adhere to the following schedule to video conference via Zoom.  Students are expected to be present at all Zoom meetings with their camera turned on.  Students will also be responsible for work completed independently.
Class Zoom Times
Block 1 (Core And Elective #1) 8:10-8:40
Block 1 (Elective #2) 9:00-9:30
Block 2 9:45-10:15
Block 3 11:00-11:30
Block 4 (Core And Elective #1) 12:40-1:10
Block 4 (Elective #2) 1:15-1:45
Block 5 (Core And Elective #1) 2:00-2:30
Block 5 (Elective #2) 2:45-3:15

Where can I find my work? Your daily assignments can be found on Google Classroom.  You can find the code to join your Google Classroom in the chart below.

English Language Arts Block/Period Google Classroom Codes
Block 1 ajwsbew
Block 2 4rhs4kw
Block 3 xtwfjvu
Block 4 q5nphxz

As a reminder, we must all work together to have a successful virtual learning experience.  I will do my best to communicate clearly, make assignments easy to navigate, and choose valuable tasks and activities for students.  Students must be willing to persevere and ask questions as needed, and we are counting on families to check that their student is being responsible for their assignments each day.

Please contact me at if you have any questions or need assistance.