Remote Learning Expectations

Virtual Contract 2020-2021

Thunderbirds team


“The Big 4” to remember:

1. Check each teacher’s Google Classroom every single day. Read announcements (on the Stream), check the Assignments tab, watch all videos - even if you think you already know all the info.


2. Check your school Gmail account twice a day, first thing in the morning, and last thing before you log off for the day.


3. Ask SPECIFIC questions if you don’t understand, then CHECK for a teacher reply email and/or video! “I don’t understand” or “I need help” are too broad for us to know how to help - be as specific as possible! Taking screenshots is also helpful!


4. GO BACK AND CATCH UP when you miss a day! Go to each teacher’s Google Classroom, look at EVERYTHING they posted for that day, and complete the work as soon as possible.

5. Attendance will be taken in every class, every day - show up ON TIME to the live Google Meets - they are required!

6. Unfortunately, clicking the "turn in" button without completing the assignment on Google Classroom doesn't count, and it will remain an incomplete assignment in PowerSchool until it is made up (and then it will be counted 'late').

7. Classwork will often be assigned after the live Google Meet, and Mrs. Hobbs will be available during her Office Hours to provide help, if needed.

From the BCS Virtual Days Page: For students in grades 7-12, students will be responsible for checking for assignments daily. Family members should communicate with their child to make a work plan that meets the individual needs of the student.