Virtual School info

This is the place to find all info regarding virtual school (if we have it) for 2021-2022.

Contact info:
Email: amy.almquist(insert @ here)
Please make sure to sign up for Remind, if you haven't already.
8th grade year-long choir: @62246b
7th grade year-long choir: @e9af772
8th grade semester choir: @mrsalmq
7th grade semester choir: @8h4a33

Daily Schedule:                               Extended HR Schedule:
Block 2.1:   9:13-9:54                   9:31-10:12
Block 2.2:   9:58-10:39                10:16-10:57
Block 4.1:  12:05-12:46               12:04-12:45
Block 4.2:  12:50-1:31                 12:49-1:30
Block 5.1:   1:35-2:16                   1:34-2:15
Block 5B:    2:20-3:00                   2:19-3:00

Office hours:
7:50-9:00                                        8:30-9:20

Check Google Classroom everyday and complete assignments.
Check your email everyday.
Ask questions if you don't understand - I will answer as quickly as I can.
If you get behind, catch up as quickly as you can.  Don't put it off - it only piles up.