Virtual Learning Expectations


1.  ATTEND YOUR ZOOM classes every day.  Each of your classes will meet during the assigned time and we will take attendance.  You are very important and we want to see you participate daily.

2. CHECK your Google Classrooms every day.  Read the announcements on the stream. REFRESH your page often.

3. CHECK your school Gmail account twice a day: first thing in the morning and when you log off in the afternoon.

4. ASK SPECIFIC QUESTIONS from your teachers.  If you have questions and concerns it helps if you do not say, "I don't understand" or "It won't work." The more specific you are the better we can assist you.

5. GO BACK and CATCH UP on all missing work.  You may remember how overwhelming it can become when you do not keep up with your assignments.  Please go back and check what you need to complete.