Course Syllabus for Choir

7th grade year-long and semester choirs will start with basic line and space notes and musical alphabet.  We will quickly move into simple rhythm, treble clef, bass clef, and finish with more complex rhythms.  While we are working on all of that, we will also start beginning sight-reading.  Students will be able to count out a rhythm accurately and understand solfege on the lines and spaces of the staff.  We will also be taking copies of music and marking measures, dynamic signs, rhythm, solfege, etc.  Later, we will take the same music and discuss the words (poem? story?), composer, country of origin, why it was written, style of music, etc.

8th grade year-long choir students will continue in their books from last year and start working on the piano keyboard, understanding half-steps, sharps, flats, naturals, etc.  From there, they will transition to dotted quarter notes and how to count them in the numbering system and Takadimi.  After that, 8th grade will work on sharps and flats as they are used in key signatures.  We will wrap up theory with dynamic signs, which should be mostly a review.  While working on all of that, 8th grade will also be sight-reading with the skills they learned last year and marking music with solfege, Takadimi, dynamic signs, measure numbers, and more.  Like 7th and semester choirs, we will later take a look at the words, composer, country of origin, why the piece was written, etc.