Remote Learning Expectation

Virtual Contract 2020-2021

Thunderbirds team

“The Big 4” to remember:

  1. Check each teacher’s Google Classroom every single day. Read announcements (on the Stream), check the Assignments tab, watch all videos - even if you think you already know all the info.

  1. Check your school gmail account twice a day, first thing in the morning, and last thing before you log off for the day.

  1. Ask SPECIFIC questions if you don’t understand, then CHECK for a teacher reply email and/or video! “I don’t understand” or “I need help” are too broad for us to know how to help - be as specific as possible! Taking screenshots is also helpful!

  1. GO BACK AND CATCH UP when you miss a day! Go to each teacher’s Google Classroom, look at EVERYTHING they posted for that day, and complete the work as soon as possible.

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By signing, you agree that you have READ the entire virtual contract, that you UNDERSTAND the expectations, and that you will FOLLOW the expectations.


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