Quarantine Information

Quarantine Information
Posted on 09/07/2021

When an Enka Middle Student is placed in QUARANTINE status:

Teachers will post work to his/her Google Classroom page for all quarantined students.  Students will be able to complete and submit all work via Google Classroom.  Should a student have difficulty with anything related to academics, etc., he/she can email his/her teachers directly for assistance.  The student or the parent may also request that the team schedule a “check in Zoom meeting” at any time during the quarantine process.  

See all teacher/staff emails below for additional support.  We request that quarantined students be advocates for their learning and communicate with teachers/staff should questions or concerns arise.  


Air Force One Team
Mrs. Dempsey @ jane.dempsey@bcsemail.org 
Mr. Boyles @ zachery.boyles@bcsemail.org 
Mr. Furr @ derek.furr@bcsemail.org 
Mrs. Case @ stephanie.case@bcsemail.org 

Blue Angels Team
Mr. Hernandez @ antonio.hernandez@bcsemail.org 
Mrs. Yucha (Iwaniac) @ hannah.yucha@bcsemail.org
Mr. Erickson @ christopher.erickson@bcsemail.org
Mrs. Fuseler @ erin.fuseler@bcsemail.org  

Thunderbirds Team
Mrs. Hobbs @ holly.hobbs@bcsemail.org 
Mrs. Nolan James @ tara.nolan-james@bcsemail.org 
Mr. Huber @ andrew.huber@bcsemail.org 
Ms. Gasperson @ susan.gasperson@bcsemail.org 

Additional Seventh Grade Supports
Mrs. Shelton @ jennifer.shelton@bcsemail.org 
Mrs. Myer @ chelsea.myer@bcsemail.org 
Mrs. King (EC) @ stephanie.king@bcsemail.org 
Mrs. Trantham @ amy.trantham@bcsemail.org 
Ms. Eller @ alissa.eller-murphy@bcsemail.org 
Mrs. Bradford (Counselor) @ sarakate.bradford@bcsemail.org  
Mrs. Rozzell (Social Worker) @ pegg.rozzell@bcsemail.org 

Eighth GRADE

Mountains Team
Ms. James @ ariel.james@bcsemail.org
Ms. Baker @ sheree.baker@bcsemail.org
Mrs. Avery @ emily.avery@bcsemail.org
Mrs. Roberts @ dawn.roberts@bcsemail.org

Outer Banks Team
Mrs. Lane @ beth.lane@bcsemail.org 
Mrs. Thoreen @ mary.thoreen@bcsemail.org 
Ms. York @ dana.york@bcsemail.org 
Mrs. Wolfe @ stephanie.wolfe@bcsemail.org 

Piedmont Team
Mrs. Boswell @ amy.boswell@bcsemail.org 
Ms. Wethern @ autumn.wethern@bcsemail.org 
Mr. Vann @ justin.vann@bcsemail.org 
Mr. Alexander @ joshua.alexander@bcsemail.org 

Additional Eighth Grade Supports
Mr. Crabtree (Math) @ james.crabtree@bcsemail.org 
Ms. Dunsworth (ELA) @ laura.dunsworth@bcsemail.org 
Mrs. King (EC) @ stephanie.king@bcsemail.org 
Mrs. Trantham @ amy.trantham@bcsemail.org 
Ms. Eller @ alissa.eller-murphy@bcsemail.org 
Ms. Butler (Counselor) @ michellel.butler@bcsemail.org 
Mrs. Rozzell (Social Worker) @ pegg.rozzell@bcsemail.org 

7th/8th Grade Elective Teachers/Staff
Coach Carver @ chad.carver@bcsemail.org 
Coach Saye @ james.saye@bcsemail.org 
Coach Rathbone @ matthew.rathbone@bcsemail.org
Mrs. Almquist @ amy.almquist@bcsemail.org 
Mr. Kimbrough @ kevin.kimbrough@bcsemail.org 
Mr. Scott @ paul.scott@bcsemail.org 
Ms. Acosta @ wendy.acosta@bcsemail.org 
Mrs. Wilkie @ crystal.wilkie@bcsemail.org 
Mrs. Darby @ anita.darby@bcsemail.org
Mr. Buckner @ michael.buckner@bcsemail.org 
Ms. Dennehy @ molly.dennehy@bcsemail.org
Mr. Self (2nd sem only) @ troy.self@bcsemail.org 
Ms. Landgrover (Media) @ samantha.landgrover@bcsemail.org