Media Center

Enka Middle School Media Center

Mission Statement:

Enka Middle School Media Center provides materials and services that support and enrich the curriculum in all areas, and that meet the diverse educational, recreational, cultural, and research needs of the students and staff.

Students may check out two books and keep them for three weeks. If they need additional time, they may renew the books.   Most reference books may be checked out overnight.

A wide variety of magazines is available for recreational reading in the media center.

    • We have computers for student use with access to the Internet, Microsoft Office, movie making programs such as iMovie and Movie Maker and other programs.  
  • We have a "maker space" in the media center.  In our maker space, students can experiment with origami, build marble runs, make jewelry, create poetry with magnetic poetry, explore circuits, use legos, and play thought provoking games.




Media Center Staff

  Teree Crawford, Media Coordinator 

Tam Parris, Media Assistant