Student Laptop Procedures

Congratulations! As a middle school student you have the privilege and responsibility of using a school-issued laptop and are welcome to take your computer home.

We recommend leaving your charger at home so that it does not get lost or stolen, and so that you may charge your computer EVERY night. Your computer battery should last the entire school day when properly charged.

Computers MUST always be transported in a protective sleeve. You may use your own protective sleeve or purchase one for $7.00.

Again, you are responsible for your computer and charger. Chargers cost $25.00 to replace. Anything not deemed as normal wear on you computer will be viewed as defacing school property and a fine will be assessed. 

Students should not put stickers on their school computers and please do not remove any BCS barcode stickers (student name barcode and/or FAIS barcode).

One last important note...please completely shut down (not restart) your computer at least once a week, leave the lid open until the device completely shuts down. This gives your computer a chance to check for updates.