Class Syllabus

Josh Alexander's, North Carolina History

2020 - 2021

Throughout the year our focus will be on both United States and North Carolina History.  However, our heritage has been shaped by a much broader area than just the state/country we live in.  With this in mind we will incorporate aspects of World History into our class to gain a better understanding as to how and why certain events have taken place here in the United States and North Carolina.  Also, this class is by far and large a reading class.  We will practice and implement the same skills that are more commonly part of a Language Arts class. 


What to Expect

Regular Instruction - Grades in every class will be based on your notebook, homework, tests, quizzes, and projects. 

Virtual Instruction -  Grades will be based on work submitted.

I use a "Total Points" system. I do not weight my grades.  Simply put, if I have an assignment with 20 questions it is usually worth 20 points.  At certain times throughout the 9-week's grading period bonus points may be earned.  There will be no extra credit for this class.  If you keep up with all your work you will do fine.  It is important to turn in all work.  A partial grade is better than a "0".


Quizzes: I will have quizzes most Fridays.  The content for each quiz will come from weekly class/virtual work.


I realize there are times when the unexpected happens and work may be late.  If this occurs you need to come and talk to me before the assignment is due, not after.  I am sure we can work something out.  Do not wait until the class is turning their work.  That is too late.


Grading Scale

100 - 90 A
89 - 80 B
79 - 70 C
69 - 60 D
59 and lower F



How to Succeed


  1. Come to class prepared.  Get enough sleep, eat breakfast and lunch, bring your materials
  2. Listen.  To your teachers, to your peers.  Do not interrupt.
  3. Finish and turn in all work.
  4. Put forth your best effort.  This includes work ethic, penmanship, and attitude.
  5. Communicate.  If you are having problems, academic or social, come talk to me or another adult.  I am here to help, but I can not help if I do not realize there is a problem.
  6. Smile.  There are 185 days of school.  It's better than frowning.


Believe it or not, this will make a difference