Virtual School info

This is the place to find all info regarding virtual school for 2020-2021.

Contact info:
Email: amy.almquist(insert @ here)
Please make sure to sign up for Remind, if you haven't already.
8th grade year-long choir: @mrsalmqu
7th grade year-long choir: @chorus7tha
Semester choir (both 7th and 8th grades): @chorus7thb

Daily Zoom schedule:
Block 1A: 8:10-8:40
Block 1B: 9:00-9:30
Block 4A: 12:40-1:10
Block 4B: 1:15-1:45
Block 5A: 2:00-2:30
Block 5B: 2:45-3:15

Office hours:

Check Google Classroom everyday and complete assignments.
Check your email everyday.
Ask questions if you don't understand - I will answer as quickly as I can.
If you get behind, catch up as quickly as you can.  Don't put it off - it only piles up.