News & Notes

Your student is a big part of the Red Dragons Team.  Mr. Crabtree stresses to each student that the Dragons team functions like a family in that we help each other, encourage each other, and care for each other.  Teamwork and cooperation are some of our highest objectives as they are also skills that translate to keeping a job and thereby gaining more independence.
On the Dragons team, we focus primarily on obtaining skills and gaining experiences associated with living.  These include financial, employment, recreational and life skills.  The students run their own business selling the food they make to teachers, so sometimes the class looks like a real working restaurant...mostly because at is!  This tool has been invaluable in teaching students skills to take them through life and get them jobs so that they can live as independently as possible within  the community. 
Our goal is to help create a well rounded student who understands the importance of being a contributing and functional member of society
 .Swinging to success