Google Classroom

Google Classroom

All class materials and assignments will be posted on students' Google Classroom class page. 

STUDENTS ONLY - Access your Google Classroom through your iAM page. Go to your email and click on the icon that has 9 squares in the top right corner, then click on Google Classroom.
*You will receive your class code in class during the first week of school or I may sign you up for our class using your email address. 


If you would like to receive a weekly summary, please send me an email and request to sign up. You can always look at Google Classroom from your student's laptop as well.

I also encourage parents and students to download the Google Classroom app on your phones to get push notification updates when assignments and/or comments are posted. Simply log in with your/your child's school email and password.

Here is a great tutorial on how students will complete assignments in Google Classroom.