Remote Learning

Office Hours during Remote Learning (Plans B and C):
Monday through Friday - 8:00-9:00 and 2:30-3:30

Contact information:

Students and parents can email me directly with any questions or concerns. Phone calls, Zoom meetings, and Google Meets are also options that can be utilized for communication.
Students are able to contact me via Google Classroom with any questions as well. (private or public comments)
You can also click the "Contact Me" tab on the left side of this screen to send me an email. 

Remote Learning Expectations:
Students are expected to attend a daily Zoom meeting for each class (noted above). During this time, we will discuss that day's material and I will provide guidance for assignments. After the Zoom meeting, students will have individual assignments to complete. I will be available to assist individual students as needed during this time. Students are encouraged to check the Google Classroom stream and their email multiple times each day. 

Blue Angels' Daily Class ZOOM Schedules (during 100% Remote Learning)

1st Block - Electives
2nd Block - 9:45-10:15
3rd Block - 11:00-11:30
4th Block - 12:40-1:10
5th Block - 2:00-2:30
*The Zoom links for each class will be found on Google Classroom.

How to access assignments:
Students will use their school computers to access all information provided. All of my Social Studies assignments will be assigned via Google Classroom and will contain specific guidelines and pertinent information. (see Google Classroom tab on the left for more information)