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How to Study: Studying Tips for Students

This website gives helpful tips for studying successfully, and actually retaining the information that you study. 
Most students have not been taught how to study. Please visit this website for more information! 

Literary Elements Quizlet

Study your literary elements with this fun Quizlet
-Learn the terms with flash cards
-Play games with the terms to help you learn them
-Take a practice test to see how good you are! 

Mrs. Hobbs' Quizlet Page

Clicking on the link below will take you to my Quizlet sets, where you can enjoy learning with games, quizzes, and practice tests.

Mood & Tone Words

Do these fun activities with the Mood & Tone Words:
1. Flash Cards (do these FIRST!) 
2. Scatter Game
3. A+ Test
4. Space Race (this step requires the "Speller" activity first)