Huber, Andy - Social Studies, Thunderbirds (7th)

About Mr. Huber
Mr. Huber
7th Grade Social Studies - Thunderbirds

Hello! My name is Andy Huber and I am looking forward to a fantastic year in Social Studies with the Thunderbirds team. This will be my third year teaching at Enka Middle School. I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA and moved here to Asheville in 2019. I received my Bachelors Degree from the University of Dayton and earned my Masters Degree in Teaching & Learning from the University of Redlands.  Outside of the classroom I enjoy hiking with my wife and dog and exploring new things to do in Asheville. 

In 7th Grade Social Studies we explore major turning points throughout World History from the 1400s through today. Students will have the opportunity to develop their reading comprehension, writing, collaboration and critical thinking skills through a variety of activities, assignments and assessments.  

My goal as your Social Studies teacher is to instill in you a greater appreciation for both history and for learning. We don't just study history to learn about famous people or important dates. While those are important, we should study history to humanize others. No other subject gets you so up close and personal with the other 7,000,000,000 people on this planet. You learn about tragedies that happen so you can learn to feel sympathy for the humans that suffered. 

Lastly, I want to help you develop the skills you need to actively engage in our democracy, to challenge injustice, and to work together to build a better future.