Lane, Beth - Language Arts, Outer Banks (8th)


Here you will find basic information about our Language Arts Classroom.  Student assignments/notes/materials are available by logging on to Canvas, Google Classroom or StudySync. 
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School Phone: 828-670-5010

Beth Lane
Enka Middle School
8th Grade Language Arts
Outer Banks Team

Supplies needed for ELA:
2" 3 ring binger
composition book
pack of tab dividers
bring laptop every day
some days you may need your earbuds

Hello parents and students!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  This eighth grade ELA class is a blended learning class. That means we will use digital and paper based materials and resources. All digital resources will be posted or linked through Google Classroom.

Mrs. Lane’s wish list:

Clorox wipes                            tissues                         glue sticks

This year I am introducing a “chill spot” and flexible seating to my classroom. Please consider donating items to the classroom to help fund these projects. Check out our classroom amazon wish list: 


What is a “chill spot”? 

A chill spot is a designated area (usually a corner) with a comfortable seat and various resources for students to utilize including “fidget” or stress toys and tools that help students identify their emotions (examples-angry, anxious, sad, frustrated) and provides tips or suggestions for recognizing those emotions and managing them. Students learn how and when the chill spot can be used. Typically students are in the chill spot for 5 to 10 minutes (max) and then return to class activities. The goal is to help teach our students how to regulate their emotions—a great skill for everyone to earn.


What is flexible seating?

Our kids are in class for at least six hours per day. That’s a long time to sit in a chair and be still.  Learning research supports the idea that if students are able to get up and move and work in different areas and positions (standing up, on a stool, on the floor, etc), they will learn more, remember more of what they learn and feel less stressed. I have already obtained tables for the kids to use in group work and have made room for floor work, camp chairs, a stool station and some standing stations.  I have placed some rugs, cushions, chair bands, yoga balls, and other items on the amazon wish list to enhance our kid’s flexible seating opportunities.

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