VIRTUAL Learning

Virtual Learning (all of this info is also found on our Virtual Learning Team Handbook)
Make sure you shut down and restart your computer daily to prevent computer problems.  

Before Monday, make sure you have Zoom installed and that it is working before Monday. 

Mrs. Lane's Office Hours: M-F after each Zoom session.

Online Content posted on: Google Classroom

Click here for the NEW ZOOM SCHEDULE that starts Monday December 14th!!!

The schedule below ends on 12/11. 

FIRST week (Mon-Thurs) Zoom Schedule updated 8/13/2020 at 10:40):


Zoom Times

Block 1


 Carver UA only  9:15-9:45

Block 2


Block 3


Block 4


 Block 5   Electives that meet the first half of the period will Zoom on Wednesday at 1:30.
Electives that meet the second half of the period will Zoom Thursday at 1: 30

School Zoom Schedule (Starts Friday of the First Week):
Period Zoom Times  Independent work
Block 1 (Core And Elective #1) 8:10-8:40   After each zoom ends students will have
Block 1 (Elective #2) 9:00-9:30     15-20 minutes of independent work time
Block 2 9:45-10:15     to complete assignments for each class. 
Block 3 11:00-11:30    Students will also have time in between 
Block 4 (Core And Elective #1) 12:40-1:10     zooms to take breaks or get extra help
Block 4 (Elective #2) 1:15-1:45    from their teachers. 
Block 5 (Core And Elective #1) 2:00-2:30  
Block 5 (Elective #2) 2:45-3:15