Plan B Beyond

Below is some information that I hope you will find helpful for the next six weeks as we proceed in Plan B Beyond.  Please do not hesitate to email me with questions at via the "Contact Me" tab on the left.
All of my content for my 3rd block Math 7 students is available through Google classroom.  I will be adding my students before the start of school and they will get an email to join my class.  Daily assignments and instructions can be found there, as well as the daily Zoom link for class.

Each day I will hold office hours from 2pm-3:15pm (Week 1 only, my office hours will be from 12:15-1:15).  Office hours are a time when you can email me and expect an immediate response, or we can video chat for questions/help.
If you have technology questions regarding your computer or internet, there is a help desk number you can call.  
828-255-5982 or our EMS help desk 828-365-8622.

Thank you for your patience and effort as we work together to teach and learn virtually.