News & Notes

We have covered a lot of material in my Social Studies class through December. 
The Introductory chapters dealt with geography skills and concentrating on the regions of NC and the US.  Thank you all for letting your children bring in all the baking utensils and materials to complete the NC edible cakes.  It was fun & educational.  I have pictures of the examples but I am having problems loading them onto my site.
I fully believe that the students need to learn content and skills in my classroom.  We are always trying to supplement Language Arts with reading non-fictional text.  I often have them read sections, highlight text and answer specific questions.
I still believe in students memorizing certain information.  That is why we will have flashcards on the explorers and the amendments to our US Constitution, and we had a test on where are all the states in our country.  In life, we will all have jobs in which we need to be able to remember key information.  I will keep working on those skills along with other study skills to help your son or daughter be successful in school.
I enjoy switching things up in my class.  We will take notes, watch video clips, listen to songs and discuss their meanings, view historical photos, have mini plays or interviews, work with flashcards, make a children's book and take quizzes, tests and complete projects in and out of class.
We keep an interactive notebook in class that counts as 2 grades.  Most students have been doing well with keeping them
organized.  I may have your son or daughter bring home their notebook and have them explain several sections to you.  Please be looking for that assignment.
 Notebook #2:  MesoAmerica, Native Americans, European Explorers, Colombian Exchange, the stories of England and Spain in their quest to dominate the exploration of the Americas.  We took time to study Queen Elizabeth's lineage and how her father (Henry VIII) went to drastic measures to keep the throne in his family.
Notebook #3 began with Halloween stories that have occurred in NC only.  The students read 7 out of the 14 and did a small summary on each.  We then identified the county along with the story.  This was a fun way to learn about some of the 100 counties of NC.  My classes will be studying Roanoke and the 3 attempts for England to colonize.  The students will learn about Jamestown and the other colonies beginning in America, as well.
We are finishing up Notebook #4.  We have studied the Pre-Revolution and all the acts and events that lead to the Revolutionary War.  The Declaration of Independence, the Olive Branch Petition, and we learned about the Edenton Tea Party this year in NC.  Currently we are discussing the different battles of the Revolutionary War.  We will probably test on this material at the end of next week(Jan.13th).
***There are times when we have homework.  Your child may be telling you there NEVER is any.  That's not entirely true.
There may NOT be homework every day but I do have them finish work at home.  I will take up between 25 to 30 assignments a 9 weeks.  When students do not turn in work it brings their grade down significantly.