News & Notes

Class Information:

Parents, Please have your kids study their notes each night for at least 15 minutes.  

Team Outer Banks (100% virtual team)-This is the new Zoom schedule that all students in the school will follow starting Monday 9/28/2020

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday you will follow the schedule below.

Wednesdays are asynchronous: 
You must log in to homeroom zoom for attendance.  
You will check google classroom for all of your classes and complete the assignments that are posted.  This will be your attendance for each class for that day.   
We are also available for extra help on these days. Request extra help over email.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Schedule (Notice you only go to 1 UA per day).

Sign on to each zoom five minutes before start time!

Block Time
Block 1 Zoom
Independent work/teacher help/break time

Block 2 Zoom
Independent work/teacher help/break time

Block 3 zoom
Independent work/teacher help/break time

Block 4 zoom 
Independent work/teacher help/break time

Block 5 zoom UA (see below)
Monday and Thursday 1st UA (Electives)
Tuesday and Friday 2nd UA

Tech issues:
Email Mrs. Brookshire

Buncombe Co Schools live chat


Do a full shutdown and restart daily to fix many problems
Choose power>shutdown
Restart using the power button
Let it sit for an hour without doing anything on it. 
Shutdown again
Restart using the power button again
Running slow?
Make sure you keep the power cord plugged in. 

How do I log in?
Power School Student:  ( )
Username: Student UID
Password: IAM password (ACCESS THROUGH IAM Portal)

Student Zscaler (Internet Content Filter)
Username:  Student  
    Password:  NCEdCloud “ IAM” password

Student Gmail (Google Apps for Education/Drive): 
Username:  First Initial, Last Name, Last 4 of Student 
 Note: Students login via NCEdCloud ( 
Single Sign On.  ACCESS THROUGH IAM Portal

CLAIM YOUR IAM Account 6th-12th grades only!
With Your Student UID #*BCS  LEA Code - 110

Remote Learning Expectations: (snap shot)
1.  Be logged in ready to go with video on when its time for class.  Be on Time.
2.  Complete assignments on time.
3.  Be a self directed independent learner.
Remote Learning Guide