Wilkie, Crystal - Art


Welcome to Enka Middle School's visual arts program.  My name is Crystal Wilkie.  With a BFA in Visual Arts Studies I have been teaching in public schools for 16 years. Whether or not your child chooses to go into the visual arts as a career, I hope he/she learns the lifelong skills of creative problem solving and discipline the arts have taught me.

Please have your child go to Google Classroom and use the code given to them in class to join the correct art class according to his/her schedule.    

You are welcome to call or email me at anytime.  Your child should bring home a sheet with my contact information and you can always email me through my contact me page on this website.   


1.  Join the Google Classroom using the above code.  Check your schedule and make sure it is the correct class Block. (This is a one time thing.)

2.  You are responsible for having your materials whether in class or online.  Make sure you check the supply list.  Have these materials with you during in person and online class.  I will also give you papers for each lesson.  Keep all your papers in your Art folder so they do not get wrinkled and you stay organized.

3.  If you are virtual...Everyday at the beginning of your class time you will meet with me virtually.  Click on the meeting link  in the feed on Google Classroom.  This is how I will take attendance and give face to face help to you daily.

4.  Ask specific questions when you do not understand instructions.  You can ask during our online time, in person class time, or you can email me at anytime.