Wolfe, Stephanie-Social Studies, Outer Banks (8th)



I've been teaching eighth-grade social studies at Enka Middle School since 2009 and am proud to be a JET! I am a 1998 graduate of Western Carolina University  - GO CATS - and a 1985 graduate of Murphy High School - GO DAWGS!!  Needless to say, I am an animal lover (we have two dogs and a cat), but I also enjoy reading, football, and spending time at the beach. I have a large family - 3 daughters and a son, one grandson, and a granddaughter on the way!


The focus of social studies in the 8th grade is the study of North Carolina in the broader spectrum of US History.  We will be delving into our nation's past from European discovery to the present day in addition to studying geography, the Constitution, and current events.

For the first semester, the units we will be covering include:  NC Regions and Geography, European exploration and colonization of North America, Colonialism, and the American Revolution with a brief segway into the General Election occurring this November with an overview of the electoral college.