Parent Info and Help

Helpful Hints for Parents and Students:

Class Notebook: Almost EVERYTHING we do in class is organized into the student's class social studies notebook.

Tests: Did you know that your student can earn up to 10 extra points on each unit test???
Here's how: The day before an exam we go through the class notebook and high-light all the information that will be on the test. If your student makes a cheat-sheet study guide from this information (yes, its ok to make the cheat sheet) AND they bring it to class the day of the test. When they bring their cheat sheet to class, not only do they get to use it two times during the test from a think bank, they get 5 extra points added on to the test! Also, if they study for a minimum of 20 minutes the night before AND get a parent signature attesting to this, they get an additional 5 points! SO.... a signed cheat sheet is worth 10 points AND they get to use it (some) AND they have actually studied!!