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Welcome to Enka Middle School! We serve grades seven and eight with an enrollment of just over six hundred students. We are a comprehensive middle school that emphasizes academic excellence, student engagement and school safety. Enka Middle School is a great school with wonderful students, a dedicated and hard-working faculty/staff, and a supportive community. With continuous improvement as our goal, paying attention to details will result in our students reaching their full potential as they prepare for their future in education and beyond.

A couple of unique attributes of Enka Middle School are our Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program and our focus as a Community School. Enka Middle School has received recognition as a PBIS Exemplar School for the last four years in a row. By emphasizing and rewarding positive behaviors we have greatly reduced negative behaviors. Our Community School strategy is strengthening our relationships with parents and community partners. Funded by United Way and supported by community partners, we positively impact our students, families and community by offering many supports such as Homework Diners, Mentoring, Tutoring and Community Resource Fairs.                

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