Athletic Handbook

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Article XI of French Broad Middle School Conference By-Laws


SECTION 1    The eligibility rules of the French Broad Middle School Conference and the North Carolina DPI and Board of Education rules and regulations will be followed. Any new rules or regulations passed by the NCDPI shall automatically become a part of these by-laws.


1. Age: A student may not participate on a 7th or 8th grade team if he or she turns 15 years old on or before August 15 of the current school year.

2. Attendance: A student must be in attendance at least 85% of the previous semester.

3. Residence: A student must participate at the school to which he or she is assigned by the local board of education. No student may participate in the FBMSC if they are attending a private school, charter school, or home school.

4. Academic Guideline: Upon entering the 7th grade, a student is automatically eligible for their first 9 weeks grading period. After the initial grading period of nine weeks, a student who fails 2 or more core classes (ELA, SS, Science, and Math) on a nine-week report card becomes ineligible for the next 9 weeks.

5. Participation of Eligibility: From the students’ date of entry into the 7 grade, he/she will have four consecutive semesters of eligibility, regardless of medical hardship.

6. Transfers:

            A. A student transfer by the Board of Education from one district to another (Schedule C) is not eligible until the next semester.

            B. A student dismissed from a team for behavior or academics is ineligible for participation for that season.

            C. There are no regulations for residency changes.

SECTION 2    Insurance: All athletic participants in conference sports must be covered by insurance. Athletes are required to purchase the student accident athletic insurance plan provided by the designator carrier.

Physicals: The North Carolina State Board of Education requires that all student-athletes have a physical before participating in middle school athletics.

Enka Middle School Athletic Policies

Coaches will conduct tryouts in each sport at the beginning of each season. Tryout dates will be announced and an interest/informational meeting will be held during school hours in advance of upcoming tryouts.  It is expected that students are prepared with proper paperwork on file prior to tryouts and appropriate dress/equipment for participation on the first day of tryouts.

Missing a tryout session may result in a student being excluded from remaining tryout sessions for the team. Students who tryout and do not make an athletic team are encouraged to participate in outside sports activities to continue to develop athletic skills. 

Physical Examination 
Each athlete and cheerleader must have a physical examination by a doctor before he/she will be allowed to participate in tryouts. The physical form is valid for one year from the date of the physical examination.

Athletic Participation fee
A $40.00 fee is charged to all student athletes one time during the school year to cover the cost of transportation to athletic events and purchase insurance. This fee is paid only once. Students who participate in two or more sports pay the transportation fee at the time they first participate in a school sport.  

Student Athlete Expectations
All student-athletes represent Buncombe County and their respective schools. Therefore, each student athlete's actions both in and out of school must reflect positively on the district and school community or the participant will not represent the school in any athletic activities.

While at school, student-athletes are expected to set positive examples for the rest of the student body. All student-athletes are expected to follow school rules at all times and maintain high academic standards.